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System engineer-power electronics

System engineer-power electronics

System engineer-power electronics

We are now hiring two SYSTEM ENGINEERS to the Energy Storage System Engineering (ESS) team.

Our ESS team is responsible to develop the complete ESS functionality, HW and SW solutions.

You will work close between hardware verification and programming in a challenging and positive atmosphere, close to our clients projects and our testbed facility outside Gothenburg, where we evaluate the new features in AI as well as the hardware hands-on.

The team consist of an agile and innovative driven team with skilled product developers consisting of passionate people from all disciplines included in ESS such as Power Electronics, Data Science (AI), and Project managers.

With us, you will have a diverse, top skilled electrical power competence (PhD, and experienced M.Sc) in an innovative team on your side, always providing you the help needed to develop tasks one cannot imagine today.

We are working in a cross-functional way from requirement, concept and design, final verification, implementation and production.



• We believe that to be successful in this position, you are a pragmatic team player that loves to develop System designs, close to the hardware with the customer in focus.

• Since the area is in an early phase, it is important that you are flexible and enjoy working in a changing environment.

• You have a broad knowledge and experience in system engineering including Electrical, Mechanical and functional development.

• Solid experience in some of our clients toolchain and processes regarding requirement and product documentation/logic such as KOLA, System weaver (SE-Tools) or Dimensions-RM are beneficial but not required.

• Master of Science in Mechatronics, Electrical power or Mechanical engineering.

• 5+ years’ experience from system engineering within electrical power or automotive systems.

• We believe you have a solid experience in requirement balancing and alignment between customers and stakeholders.

• Proven record of excellent communication and presentation skills.


Do you want to contribute to a better society for real?

Send in your application with CV to: and explain why you think this role would suit you.

Tag the application ”System Engineer Smartergy”



Electric supply with high capacity is one of the most important development areas for the climate and society today.

Mutual Benefits Group (founded 2008) started Smartergy AB, 2020 and are responsible to supply competence in several research projects within ELECTRIC GRID BALANCING and AI to provide society with better energy systems to support E-mobility as well as Industry and Property sector. The projects are financed by The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), VGR, ALMI and Mutual Benefits Group.

When joining the ESS engineering team you will not only develop the interior challenges of ESS but also the ESS infrastructure and Charging of vehicles on the field, electric intensive industry, properties and electric distribution companies.

We develop the leading technology for distributed, AI-predicted ESS, to deliver electricity from the electric grid as well as micrgrid with own renewable energy production.

Together we prepare and develop the conditions for the transition together with automotive industry, from conventional powertrains to electromobility and secure a stepwise implementation in different segments/regions.

In some project we co-develop and lead the electromobility product portfolio for Heavy Duty & Public transport vehicles as well as the infrastructure on the field.

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